""Huge Inflatable Globe, 1 Meter in Diameter, Earthball""

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Admit it, you've always wanted to blow up the Earth. Well, now you can ""blow it up""-- that is, inflate it, with this wonderfully vivid Earthball. Through a unique collaboration with NASA, thousands of satellite images taken from an orbiting array of satellites in 2003 are translated into an incredibly accurate image of planet Earth-- scaled down to 40"" in diameter. The Earthball is not cluttered with political boundaries or city and country names. You don't see those from space! Cities around the world are depicted in photo-luminescent ink. Expose the ball to bright light for a couple minutes, then turn off the lights and the cities will glow in the dark! It's similar to how the earth actually looks from space at night. No matter how accurate the Earthball seems, it's not home to any tiny critters, so far as we know. You can bounce it, throw it, and use it like a regular beach ball that just happens to look exactly like the Earth looks from space. It's very cool-- no global warming on this Earthball. Made of lightweight vinyl material, the Earthball comes with a 16-page booklet containing interesting facts, educational games, and resources for further exploration. So go ahead, blow it up!

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