1726 NL 1726-1794 You get ONE DUTCH VOC COPPER DUIT Ship Coin East India Co. 1ST New York Penny - APPEARS TO BE RECOVERED FROM A SHIPWRECK! copper duit Good > About Fine

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DUTCH VOC COPPER DUIT ""NEW YORK PENNY"". East India Company Spice Trade Coin you get 1 example from 1726-1794. CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC YOU GET ONE specimen in condition similar to the examples shown in the photos. A ""must have"" affordable coin for any collection. COMES IN FOLDER WITH CERTIFICATE PERFECT GIFT! The Dutch East India Company, known by its initials VOC, began in 1602 to trade spices. In 1609, Henry Hudson, while exploring for VOC, discovered New York harbor and the Hudson River, resulting in many Dutch settlements in the area. By the 1700's, with its sovereign powers, VOC exported goods and spices from a dozen Asian countries, held territories, employed 36,000 people, built 1500 ships, maintained a small army and navy, and minted currency. This copper duit coin was minted by the VOC for its colonies. It is often referred to as the ""first New York Penny"" To fulfill a shortage of currency in its expanding territories, from 1726 to 1794, copper duits were struck at provincial mints in The Netherlands. Coins showing the VOC monogram and the coats of arms of Holland, West Friesland, Zeeland and Utrecht were minted for circulation in The Dutch East Indies, India, Ceylon and Malacca. This genuine VOC duit originated in one of these four mints. In their day, these historical coins traveled around the globe by tall ships and are still discovered today in former Dutch colonies and at VOC shipwreck sites. APPEARS TO BE RECOVERED FROM A SHIPWRECK! GUARANTEED GENUINE

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