(1) Prevost URC Compressed Air Coupler and (2) 1/4"" Automotive Profile, Male Threaded Plug COMBO: Compressed Air Fitting. EXTREMELY DURABLE - Composite Nylon body. Impact and scratch resistant.

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Brand: Prevost
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Prevost URC 061201 - The Prevost URC, push button couplers are designed for ease of use, reliability, durability and safety. The composite nylon body and nitrided steel components are engineered to withstand significant impact. The push button design makes for effortless coupling. The two stage connect/disconnect vents ""downstream"" air before disconnection eliminating ""hose-whip"". Prevost's plugs are machined to very tight tolerances and exposed to a chemical hardening process (nitriding) that gives the Prevost plugs exceptional durability and leak-free performance. In industrial/automotive production, or in the home-shop the Prevost line of couplers and plugs are a reliable asset. Makes a great gift!

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